08 April 2011

Where To Buy The Talking Lion Phone on "The Good Wife"?

Seen on this week's episode of The Good Wife is this plush lion toy that was attached to a phone. Once attached, it started talking. Like one of those Jim Henson puppets. Whatever the person at the end of the line was saying, the lion was moving its lips along with it. It was so amusing!

Watch the scene to see what I'm talking about:

Cute, huh?

So yes, it's actually a speaker for an iPod, which I'm sure kids (and their parents) would love to have.

This toy, I learned, is hard to find. But further googling it up brought me to this site, Gizmine, which does not only have lions but other furry animal speakers for sale.

See it in action:

For an iPod speaker, it's quite expensive. But then again, it's not just any other speaker, it's a talking animal!

From the creators of The Good Wife:
“Our daughter suggested we give the phone to our Mr. Mom investigator, Wiley. It seemed like a good idea to do this in an episode where we couldn’t get Titus. The only problem is our prop person couldn’t find the phone. So we tried various talking animal toys: and the funniest was the lion from a small Japanese company, Kuchi-Paku. The doll can be attached, as we did, to an actual phone, or an iPod. It’s very funny to play Presidential speeches through it.” - Source